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Animation Show reel 2020


This is my temp showreel for 2020.

00:00 - 00:29
These clips are rigs that are not free, they belong to Studio Distract in Manchester and are part of their IP. 

00:30 - 00:34 Just an different spin of the old bouncing ball animation.

00:34 - 00:43 another ball bounce test this time with more personality and

exercise in overlap follow through as well.
00:43 - 00:59 
The rigs I used are Rohan (No face  rig) 

00:59 - 01:02

Rig Moom

01:02 - 01:08

A vanilla ball bounce 

01:08 - 01:19
Moom rig.
01:20 - 01:24
Rig Ultimate bony
exercise in getting up from sitting without using arms, so the arms are not going to be added later, hence why he leans so far forward to get up.
01:25 -01:35
Flour sack jump.

Rigs can be obtained from here 

Moom by Ramtin





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